Hey guys! Many of you asked us to open a donation page instead of using a shortener. We heard you and although we never wanted to take any donations ever, we're willing to give it a try upon your request. Here is our simple math. We use cloud to maintain high volumes at the end of every week. So it takes us about 50 usd a week to afford such connectivity, also due to very advanced DDOS attack protection. Shortener made us about enough for the past week. So here's the simple math. If 80% of everyone visiting daily sent their coffee funds for the day, where the average price in the US is between 3-6 usd, we would have enough roughly for two years, totally shortener free!

You can donate via our bitcoin address: 1BN398w9gzMBwuFXozFUPMyNnKmXXjr9gK

For now we're removing the shortener and if things kick off, we'll remove banners and eventually pops as well.